Student Services

Learning Support

Staff at the WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin have a strong commitment to providing support for students requiring extra learning support. There is a Learning Support Coordinator at the College who oversees the support of students in need. Staff are encouraged to write Individual Education Programs for those students facing challenges in their subject areas.

Staff refer students at risk to the Learning Support Coordinator who in turn sources the best path of action for the students which may involve being referred to the Student Services Team.

Student Services Team

At the WA College of Agriculture – Cunderdin there is a Student Services Team consisting of the Principal, the Deputy Principal, Heads of Department, Class, Farm and D&T representatives and the School Psychologist.

Meetings are held once a fortnight to discuss any academic, social or behavioural issues students may be having.

Students are referred to the Student Services Team as required and the Team discusses the best possible course of action for the student to obtain successful educational, situational learning and residential outcomes during their time at WA College of Agriculture – Cunderdin.

The School Psychologist is available for referred appointments every fortnight. Appointments with the Psychologist require a consent form to be signed by the student’s parents or guardians.

Student Information Book

Download the College Guidelines here.