Student Services


Staff at the WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin have a strong commitment to providing support for students requiring extra social, emotional wellbeing and academic support.

Individual Instructional Staff, Heads of Area and the Associate Principal all work together to track and monitor student progress and attainment. Students identified at ‘educational risk’ are flagged and have extra support provided to meet their learning needs. Individual Education Plans are developed for students who require longer-term support and/or engage in our OLNA Support or Literacy Intervention Programs. Student educational progress is tracked and monitored via the Student Services Team, led by the Associate Principal.

Students who require additional support regarding their behavioural, social and emotional wellbeing are supported by the Student Services Team. This team consists of the Positive Culture and Wellbeing Coordinator, Associate Principal, representatives from the Class, Farm and Trades area, the Chaplain and the School Psychologist. Meetings are held once a fortnight to discuss any academic, social or behavioural issues students may be having. Students are referred to the Student Services Team as required and the team discusses the best possible course of action to support the student. The Student Services Team is led by the Positive Culture and Wellbeing Coordinator.

The School Psychologist is available for referred appointments on student and/or parent request. Appointments with the Psychologist require a consent form to be signed by the student’s parents or guardians.


Our College facilitates an extensive range of wellbeing programs aimed at the holistic development of our students including:

·         Child Protection and Safety

·         Alcohol and Other Drugs

·         Physical and Mental Health

·         Sexual Health

·         Positive Relationships

·         Leadership and Careers

Please see our School-Wide Student Wellbeing Plan for more information regarding these programs and initiatives.