Agricultural Advisory Council

A ministerially appointed Agricultural Advisory Council comprising local farmers and agricultural industry representatives meet on a regular basis throughout the year to liaise with the Principal and  Farm Manager on operational matters. This includes a representative of the agronomy service used by the College.

Currently, Anthony Snooke holds the position of Chair and Daniel de Beer (Farm Manager), Yvonne Bopp (Manager Corporate Services), Matt Dowell (Principal), and industry representatives Robert Beard, Wendy Dymond, Tanya Kilminster, Reg Maddock, Karen Smith, Murray Williams, Digby Willmott and Zac Rick comprise the Council.

Agricultural Advisory Council Members:

  • Mr Matt Dowell
  • Mr Daniel De Beer
  • Mr Anthony Snooke
  • Mr Robert Beard
  • Ms Wendy Dymond
  • Mrs Tanya Kilminster
  • Mr Reg Maddock
  • Mrs Karen Smith
  • Mr Murray Williams
  • Mr Digby Willmott
  • Ms Yvonne Bopp
  • Mr Zac Rick (Agronomist)