As an Independent Public School the College Board has representation from staff, parents and community.

This group oversees our planning processes, reviews financial management, appraises College performance and provides a broad based input into policy matters.

The Board includes Year 11 and Year 12 parent representatives, a range of College department representatives, a community member and is presided over by an elected Chairperson.

Mr Graham Cooper is our College Board Chairperson and can be contacted on 0409 885 753

List of Board Members:

  • Chairperson / Community Representative – Mr Graham Cooper
  • Principal – Mr Jonathon Arnott
  • Manager Corporate Services – Ms Yvonne Bopp
  • Staff Representative – Ms Kristine Van
  • Staff Representative – Ms Kelsey Berbari

 Parent representatives:

  • Laura Russ
  • Lucinda Smith
  • Crystal Henderson
  • Gavin Hagboom
  • Bronwyn de Fin
  • Janelle Lane

WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin Board Terms of Reference