About us

WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin has a long and proud history of providing agricultural and trades education in a residential setting to young people across Western Australia.

Whether aspiring to tertiary entrance or gaining employment, our students have access to cutting edge technology and first class industry research to complement all areas of study.

Our graduates are represented across the state, particularly in the agricultural sector, reflecting the unique opportunities provided by the College. The ideal mix of practical and academic elements allows students to forge a diverse range of career paths or future studies.

Our College is located 3kms north of the Cunderdin town-site. It is a fully co–educational, residential complex catering for up to 130 students in residence. The farm comprises 4,063 ha of land of which 2,516 ha are arable.  Various stock and cropping enterprises are undertaken on the farm for the educational benefit of students. Buildings include residential dormitories, Design and Technology Centre, Farm Workshop, Butchershop, Piggery, Shearing Shed, Poultry Unit, Recreation Centre, Classroom/Library complex and Administration.