Cunderdin Ag College students help get saltbush back on track

Cunderdin Ag College students help get saltbush back on track

It was a case of many hands make light work recently when WA College of Agriculture students from Cunderdin helped to sort through thousands of saltbush seedlings at Chatfield’s Tree Nursery.

A malfunction in the watering system program caused an area of the nursery to miss 2 days of water, resulting in a loss of many seedlings. This provided a perfect opportunity for students to get some hands-on nursery experience. Groups of students visited the Tammin-based nursery for three consecutive days to help out.

Students worked through several thousand seedlings removing those that had succumbed to the lack of water and the re-sorting the live trees into trays.

Chatfield’s owners Lisa and Dustin McCreery worked with each group of students, running them through the nursery operations and the importance of monitoring the watering system, even though it is automated.

Later in the year students will be involved with the planting and establishment of 15,000 Anameka saltbush at the College as part of its tree planting program.

The visits and associated work in the nursery is a valuable learning experience for the students and also provides them with work placement opportunities during the peak season.