Our students experience a combination of excellence in academic teaching and relevant practical and trade experience on a 2,114 hectare working farm environment. In real terms this means our graduates go on to gain apprenticeships in industry, and employment in rural and conservation services, while others go on to further their studies at university and TAFE.

There are two pathways of study to choose from for Year 11 students – ATAR and General – giving students real options in innovative education. 

The WA College of Agriculture – Cunderdin offers courses to meet the needs and interests of our students in accordance with the resources we have available in our classroom area and the wider college community, embracing the farm and D&T area.  The range of WACE courses we have available to the students enables them with the opportunity to study courses similar to those offered in other parts of Australia and multiple pathways to university, training and employment.

There are two groups of WACE courses:

  • ATAR courses – for students who are typically aiming to enrol in university directly from school. These courses will be examined by the Authority and the results accepted by TISC for the purpose of university selection.
  • General courses – for students who are typically aiming to enter further training or the workforce directly from school. These courses will not be examined by the Authority.

Students wishing to receive an ATAR are required to complete a minimum of four ATAR courses in Year 12.  Students considering university studies should consult with their year counsellor and go to the TISC website for information on university entry requirements and the ATAR.

Each course has four units, each unit is typically completed in a semester. Units 1 and 2 (Year 11) are typically studied as a pair. Units 3 and 4 (Year 12) must be studied as a pair.

The complexity of the syllabus content increases from Year 11 to Year 12. For this reason, a student cannot complete Year 12 units in a course and then enrol in Year 11 units in the same course.

Streams of study

Pathway One – ATAR

Cunderdin Ag College offers a competitive pathway to tertiary education for students who going on to further their studies. It is recommended that students choosing this stream have achieved at an A or B level in Year 10.

Pathway Two – General

Students who plan to gain an apprenticeship, trade, traineeship or TAFE certificates in Agriculture choose this stream of study.

With access to well equipped workshops designed to produce quality material, students at Cunderdin Ag College learn solid industry standard practices in automotive mechanics, engineering, metalwork, woodwork and general construction.