As an Independent Public School the College Board has representation from staff and parents.

This group oversees our planning processes, reviews financial management, appraises College performance and provides a broad based input into policy matters.

The Board includes three Year 11 and three Year 12 parent representatives, a range of College department representatives and is presided over by an elected Chairperson.

Mrs Margaret Collins is our College Board Chairperson and can be contacted on 0417 178 010

List of Board Members:
  • Chairperson –Mrs Margaret Collins
  • Principal – Mr Bernard Beatty
  • Manager Corporate Services – Mrs Laura McCart
  • Staff Representative – Mr Darryl McCart
  • Staff Representative – Mr Stephen Prangnell
  • Staff Representative – Mr Travis Hooper
  • Advisory Representative – Mr Murray Williams
  • Industry Representative – Mr Simon Longmire
  • Community Representative – Mrs Kathryn Hart
  • Community Representative – Mr Neil Mackintosh

 Parent representatives

  • Mr Paul Sutherland
  • Mr Norm Jenzen
  • Mr Greg Smith
  • Mr Neville McDonald
  • Mr Martin House
  • Mrs Donna Lane
  • Mrs Robyn Steel
  • Mrs Samantha Stone
  • Mr Roger Telfer

WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin Board Terms of Reference